Vertical Solar Street Lights
Vertical Solar Street Lights

Vertical solar led street light is an innovation in 2019, compared with regular solar street light, it has a beautiful appearance with aesthetic design. The complete pole is composed of 3 parts only including a solar module, solar led light head and hot galvanized pole.

Model:30W 丨50W 丨60W 丨80W 丨100W

LED Power30W ~100W
Power of Hexagonal Solar Module     100W ~560W
Pole height4 ~12 Meters
Customization     YES

What is vertical solar street light


Vertical solar LED street light poles are a great innovation with the latest technology. It adopts the vertical solar modules by surrounding the pole instead of regular solar panels installed on top.   Compared with traditional solar led street light, it has a very cosmetic appearance in the same look as traditional street light.

Each vertical solar module adopts 6 pieces of slim mono-crystalline solar panel with high efficiency up to 21.2% and more than 20 years lifetime. Each slim solar panel is 18V/36V and 6 pieces of slim solar panels are connected together in parallel connection.   Each vertical solar module contains two modules as a master module which has 2 pairs of MC4 connectors and a sub-module with 1 pair of MC4 connectors.   As the big part of vertical solar led street light, the vertical solar module is designed based on the modular conception which is supposed to be installed on any shape and new or old poles as customers require.   And customers can freely combine different powers of solar panel according to the power consumption by series connection. for example 280W,300W,420W,500W,700W etc.

Retrofit of traditional street lights

There are huge numbers of traditional street lights everywhere, and these light bulbs are metal halide or halogen, all of those light bulbs are old technology and power consumptions are very high while the lighting efficiency is very low. As the energy shortage globally is getting worse, all of these old traditional lights are supposed to be retrofitted by LED and solar energy technology in order to reduce the energy consumption to build up a green earth.

The vertical solar solution is a perfect solution to meet these requirements. It can retrofit the old lights without replacing the poles, and no need to dig holes on ground for battery or attach the battery box on pole if adopt all in two solar light heads. It reduces the cost of retrofit work in labor cost, pole cost etc greatly and keeps the light pole almost the same appearance as before.

Key advantages


Snow never accumulated on vertical solar panels like using regular solar panels. It guarantees the solar street light will always keep functional even in very snowy conditions. Very useful and helpful for countries like Canada.



It can be easily assembled at site freely and easily, no matter if you fix it to new pole uninstalled or existing poles installed on concrete already. 200W ~ 700W are available by multi modules in series connection.



Regular solar panel will be totally out of function once damaged by hail while hail will never approach and damage solar panels installed vertically. It avoids the risk of breaking and reduces the maintenance cost.



Comparing with installing regular solar panels on top of poles. It does not need to use a lift for a worker to clean the solar panel. Workers can stand on ground and use a brush to clean it easily with less cost.



It greatly reduces the wind pressure and strengthens the performance of wind resistant poles. Never worrying about poles blown off , it suitable for such windy areas like coast, or islands installation.



6 pieces of slim solar panels are wrapping the pole from 360 degree. It ensures powder can be generated continuously from morning till dawn. It specially can reach higher efficiency in low latitude areas.

Key Specification of Vertical Solar Module
Model numberG100W                    G140W
Pmax    100W140W
Vmp    18V18V    丨    36V
Imp5.56A7.78A   丨   3.89A
N.G / G.W14.70 / 16.80 kg21.50 /22.80 kg
Cable & connector2.5mm2 with MC4
Solar cell efficiency20.50%
Solar cell typeMONO cell
Structure materialAluminium alloy
Working temp.-30℃~+70℃
Warranty5 years
Life time>20 years
CertificatesCE, ROHS, IP65...

PV Dimension


Configuration Recommended of Vertical Solar Street Light

Order CodeV03020005
Light power30W
Luminous flux>4,200lm
Battery pack12.8V 307WH
Vertical PV18V 200W
PV module2pcs G100W
Pole height5 meters
Lifetime>8 years
Warranty3 Years

Vertical Solar Street Light

Order CodeV05028006
Light power50W
Luminous flux>6,500lm
Battery pack12.8V 460WH
Vertical PV18V 280W
PV module2pcs G140W
Pole height6 meters
Lifetime>8 years
Warranty3 Years

30W*2 -Dual
Vertical Solar Street Light

Order CodeV030400070
Light power30 Watts 2pcs
Luminous flux>4,200lm
Battery pack307WH 2pcs
Vertical PV18V 400W
PV module4pcs G100W
Pole height7 meters
Lifetime>8 years
Warranty3 Years

Vertical Solar Street Light

Order CodeV08042008
Light power80 Watts
Luminous flux>10,800lm
Battery pack768WH
Vertical PV36V 420W
PV module3pcs G140W
Pole height8 meters
Lifetime>8 years
Warranty3 Years

Vertical Solar Street Light

Order CodeV10056010
Light power100 Watts
Luminous flux>13,800lm
Battery pack1075WH
Vertical PV36V 560W
PV module4pcs G140W
Pole height10 meters
Lifetime>8 years
Warranty3 Years

60W*2 Dual
Vertical Solar Street Light

Order CodeV06060010-D
Light power60 Watts 2pcs
Luminous flux>8,800lm
Battery pack615WH 2pcs
Vertical PV36V 600W
PV module6pcs G100W
Pole height10 meters
Lifetime>8 years
Warranty3 Years

Question & Answer

1.What type of solar cell do you use for the solar cylinder module?
The solar cell is MONO in PERC technology, It has a higher power and efficiency than flexible solar module, our SolarWrap is more economical and more practical to be used for projects with bulk quantity

2.Can I order a sample to test? And how soon will you send it?
The Cylindrical solar module has been a very popular product since Feb of 2019, Every day we are producing it, Even if you only need 1 or 2 pcs, We can arrange it immediately and send it to you in time. Normally we only 2~3 days to send once we get your payment information.

3.Can i purchase your cylindrical solar module only without light or pole?

The answer is positive, We are willing to provide only solar cylinder modules as a separate product. you can use it in your own way for other applications.   There are two models available . One is 100W and the other is 140W.   We can customize the power if you use a different size. MOQ is 50 Units.

4.What is the max power of a vertical solar panel?

The max power of the cylinder solar module is 140W. while you can get higher powers easily as you like. Each vertical solar panel has two pairs of MC4 connectors, one pair is for input,and the other pair is for output. With 100W and 140W options, you can easily get 200W, 280W 300W,420W,560W etc in series connection. Every two modules are connected to each other by MC4 universal plugs.   Max 7 pcs can be connected in one system.

5.Do you provide OEM service
Yes, We believe the fastest and the most efficient way is to cooperate with all the greatest customers based OEM business. With that we are able to provide good products under the customers' reputation which is impossible to be built up within a short time.   So we prefer to use your ready marketing channels and just let our products run there. OEMs are welcomed. :)

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