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All in one solar power street light -ST2



Integrated solar streetlights harness solar energy as their primary power source, offering independence from city power constraints. Their cable-free design eliminates the complexities associated with traditional streetlights, reducing construction costs and environmental impact for a more sustainable and cost-effective lighting solution.

Our All-in-one solar power street lights feature a modular design, streamlining maintenance and component replacement, including the battery and controller. This achievement significantly enhances maintenance efficiency, preventing operational mishaps and saving costs on maintenance and transportation. Additionally, as pioneers in the solar street light industry, we prioritize strength safety analysis, underscoring our commitment to ensuring the safety and reliability of each solar street light.


Patented appearance

The design integrates a solar panel, microcomputer controller, lithium battery, and high-efficiency LED light source

Modular design

Transportation, installation, and maintenance are more economical and simple due to the modular design of the battery and LED chip.

Proprietary control system

Our solar controller offers adjustable working modes, a unique control system, and a microwave induction function to save power and extend lighting time.

Intelligent power control system 4.0

Improved power control function regulates discharge power based on recent weather conditions, allowing for longer lighting and more rainy days.

High efficiency LED Chips

With 280 pieces of 3030 lamp chips, the lighting efficiency for the whole system is greater than 160lm/w, with optimized brightness.

Intelligent charge and discharge management

Protected by software and hardware, with intelligent equalization technology, it can cycle charge and discharge over 2000 times.

Professional light distribution design

This product is equipped with a patented lens that helps to make the area of irradiation more uniform.

Indicator lights of battery capacity

Indicator lights display battery capacity, making it easy to see the lamp's charge and discharge status.

Rotating angle design

The angle and area of illumination can be adjusted based on road width.

st2Light Distribution



Type AL-Z30 AL-Z40 AL-Z60 AL-Z80 AL-Z100 AL-Z160
LED chip 140pcs 280pcs
Luminous flux 5000lm 6000lm 10000lm 13000lm 15000lm 20000lm
Beam angle 160°*60°
Lifespan 50000hrs
IP Rating IP65
Working temperature -20℃~60℃(Charge above 0℃
Color temperature 3000-7500K
CRI Ra≥70
Power 60W/5V 60W/5V 80W/18V 110W/18V 110W/18V 160W/18V
Voltage 5V 18V
Solar cell efficiency 19%-22%
Material Monocrystalline silicon
Capacity 144WH/45AH 240WH/75AH 384WH/120AH 512WH/160AH 640WH/200AH 896WH/280AH
Lighting time(full charged) 5-7 rainy days
Lithium battery LiFePO4
Top diameter of pole 58 mm 58 mm 58 mm 76 mm 76 mm 76 mm
Mounting height 5-6M 6-7M 6-8M 8-10M 8-10M 10-12M
Installation spacing 20-40M

E-Able Solar is a prominent Chinese manufacturer of solar-powered street lights, offering a wide range of products that includes All-in-One solar power street lights, All-in-Two solar power street lights, Split Solar Power Street Lights, and Solar Garden Lights...



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