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Thin film Solar Wrap Pole

◎ 360° Full day charging
◎ Modular installation
◎ Strong wind resistance
◎ Anti snow covering
◎ Easy to clean
◎ Design aesthetics
  • 100W


Seamless vertical integration offers a clean and efficient way to incorporate solar photovoltaic technology into column lighting systems. Instead of placing large, flat solar panels on top of the lighting column or system, they are placed around the pole. This integration method provides an aesthetic and efficient solution, adding value for both designers and end-users.

Vertical integration is also more wind-resistant, reducing wind loads and minimizing the need for expensive pole foundations. Moreover, it reduces the maintenance burden since dirt build-up on the photovoltaic surfaces decreases, requiring less frequent and easier cleaning.

The vertical wrap-around panels receive light more evenly and efficiently from the sun and sky during daylight hours, even in darker climates and seasons. This method provides enhanced efficiency while maintaining an appealing aesthetic.

Solar module Power 100W 120W 150W
Solar Cell type Mono Crystalline silicon cells Mono Crystalline silicon cells Mono Crystalline silicon cells
Size ∅200mm*1000mm ∅200mm*1200mm ∅200mm*1500mm
Solar Cell efficiency >22% >22% >22%
Short-circuit current 3.61A 4.31A 5.42A
Working Current 3.15A 4.14A 5.17A
Working temperature -30℃-85℃ -30℃-85℃ -30℃-85℃



E-Able Power puts forth all possible efforts to accurately calculate the hours of luminaire operation based on the provided information, taking into account the average recorded usable sunlight and weather patterns at the geographical location of the installation site. However, it is essential to note that the performance and functionality of each luminaire depend entirely on the availability of sunlight at the installation location.

To ensure optimal system performance, the installation area must be free from obstructions such as trees, buildings, or other objects. If the luminaire is installed in shaded areas or places with extended overcast days that block sunlight, the system's power generation efficiency will decrease, negatively affecting its overall performance.


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