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How Do Solar-Powered Street Lights Work?

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Solar energy has been around for quite some time, and it's now widely used to power up devices and light up homes and offices. Solar street lights are an excellent outdoor lighting solution, with unparalleled quality and high efficiency. They can be installed in all public places, such as parks, schools, and other institutions, and are available in various types for decorations, illuminations, and other purposes. By using solar street lights, we can significantly reduce pollution and promote sustainable energy.

Solar panels play a critical role in solar lights. The solar street lights comprise of PV modules, a controller, a GEL battery, a lithium battery, and a light pole. These lights are easy to install and transport, making them a convenient choice for outdoor lighting. During the daytime, the solar panels absorb solar energy and store it in the battery, and during the nighttime, the motion sensor automatically controls the light to start working. With solar street lights, you can have reliable and sustainable lighting solutions for your outdoor spaces.

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