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All in One Solar Power Street Light /Solar Star Light - PRO


Dimmable Aluminium 100W All-in-One Solar Street Light for Countryside/Rural Area/Road/School


Integrated solar streetlights utilize solar energy as their primary power source. They are not restricted by the availability of city power and do not require cabling, thereby eliminating the issues associated with traditional streetlights that feature multiple lines and require complicated installation. By reducing construction costs and minimizing the impact on the environment, they offer a more sustainable and cost-effective solution for street lighting.

Our modular design of our All-in-one solar power street lights has successfully achieved the objective of simplifying the maintenance and replacement of essential components such as the battery and controller. This accomplishment has resulted in a significant enhancement in the maintenance efficiency for end-users, which has led to the avoidance of any operational mishaps, thus saving costs on maintenance and transportation. Moreover, we take great pride in being the first brand in the solar street light industry to emphasize strength safety analysis, which is a testament to our commitment to guaranteeing the safety and reliability of each solar street light.

Video Introduction 



MPPT Technology

MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) is an advanced charging mode that increases energy utilization by 15% to 20% compared to a PWM controller. It continuously monitors the output of solar panels and adjusts the charging parameters to maintain peak efficiency. MPPT is commonly used in photovoltaic (PV) solar systems and is essential in large-scale PV systems where even small improvements in efficiency can translate into significant cost savings.

IPC 5.0 Technology

Our IPC technology has been upgraded to version 5.0 with highly precise weather detection and power discharge planning for longer battery life and more rainy days.

ICD Technology (Intelligent Charge and Discharge)

We use Grade A LiFePO4 batteries with excellent safety performance. Its current equalization and dual protection system (hardware and software) retain the battery's capacity at 90% after 2000 cycles, making its lifespan four times longer than lead-acid batteries.

HPCV Technology

Our proprietary solar controller employs the cutting-edge LPCV technology (High-precision Constant Voltage Management) to achieve superior electrical performance. This technology reduces the ripple effect, enhances circuit efficacy, and extends the longevity of both the circuit and battery. The LPCV technology employed in our solar controller ensures that our product is highly efficient, long-lasting, and reliable.

Dual Low-power Consumption

With the help of 4-pins plug technology, the transportation power consumption is less than 0.05mA. Also, the circuit protection technology ensures the sleep power consumption in long-term storage, which is at the uA level. This enables worry-free storage for up to two years.

ITC Technology (Intelligent Temperature Control)

The system has an automatic switch-off to protect the battery at high temperatures, and a heating function for low-temperature settings, which extends the system's lifespan.

Light Distribution





Type AL-Z65W                   AL-Z100W
Light output 65W 100W
LED chip SMD3030/400pcs
LED BranD Bridgelux
IP Rating IP65
Flux @CCT 5700-6000K 10400LM 16000LM
CRI 70/80
Beam angle 160*55
Light distribution Bat-wing Type Il
Shell material Aluminum alloy
Working temperature -20℃~60℃
Lifespan 50000hrs
Capacity 640WH 1280WH
Lighting time @Full power 11.82hs 15.36hrs
Lighting time @Dimming/Power control 3-5days
Lithium battery LiFePO4
Charging cycles >2000times
Power 110W 160W
Voltage 18V
Type Monocrystalline silicon
Efficiency 22%
Lifespan >25years
Charging method Multi-peak MPPT
Working modes 100%-2rs.70%-2hrs.30%-daw
(Compound with photocell sensor,dimming,intelligent power contral saving)
Circuit protection High /Low temperature protections
Short circuit & Open load protedions
Overcharging &Overdischarging protections
Top diamete 76mm
Heigh 7-8m 11-12m
Spadng 30m 40m
WARRANTY 3 years on all components / option to extend

E-Able Solar is a prominent Chinese manufacturer of solar-powered street lights, offering a wide range of products that includes All-in-One solar power street lights, All-in-Two solar power street lights, Split Solar Power Street Lights, and Solar Garden Lights...



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