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All in one solar power street light-ZAIN



ZAIN is perfect for outdoor solar lighting and caters to various applications. It offers a wide power range from 50W to 180W, suitable for pole heights from 5 to 14 meters. The adjustable LED modules allow for easy manual angle adjustment, ensuring proper lighting and maximum sun exposure for the solar panel.

Solar panels have a 196W max power output and the battery has a capacity of 25.6V/60AH. Both are attached by 6 screws for easy maintenance.

The ZAIN series solar lights are the ultimate choice to expand and enhance your solar lighting business with utmost confidence.


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Various programs can be easily accessed remotely. Summer and winter modes are available for extended battery backup.

A smart wireless Zigbee control scheme is now available, which uses the European standard ZHAGA connector.

Consider using an MPPT solar controller with an efficiency rating of up to 97% to enhance the efficiency of your charging system.

The LED module is adjustable, allowing for a customizable lighting angle that can focus more light on the road while minimizing waste.

The product is designed with a modular structure, making it easy to disassemble the battery box and solar panel.

The use of 5050 lamp beads improves the luminous efficiency to 170lm per watt.

Main Specification

ltem number AL-Y50W AL-Y60W AL-Y80W Al0-100W
LED power &luminous 50W 18,500lm 60W I 10,200lm 80W 113,600lm 100W 117,000lm
CCT range 2200K~6500K
LED module SMD5050*32pcs SMD5050*32pcs SMD5050*48pcs SMD5050*64pcs
LiFePO4 battery 12.8V 384WH 12.8V 460WH 12.8V 614WH 12.8V768WH
Solar panel 18V 64W 18V 82W 18V103W 18V 125W
Product size 910*420*350mm 1100*420*350mm 1300*420*350mm 1590*420*350mm
Solar charge controller MPPT with sensor
Pole size 76mm
Instalation height 4~8m 5~8m 6~10m 6~12m
Certificates EMC,LVD,ROHS,CE
Warranty 5 years
Item number AL-Y120W AL-Y140W
LED power & luminous 120W 120,400lm 140W 123,800Im
CCT range 2200K~6500K
LED module SMD5050*64pcs SMD5050*80pcs
LiFePO4 battery 25.6V 921WH 25.6V 1075WH(max battery capacity 25.6V 1536WH)
Solar panel 36V 135W 36V 158W
Product size 1360*530*380mm 1480*530*380mm
Solar charge controller MPPT with sensor
Pole size 76mm
Installation height 8~12m 8~14m
Certificates EMC,LVD,ROHS,CE
Warranty 5 years

E-Able Solar is a prominent Chinese manufacturer of solar-powered street lights, offering a wide range of products that includes All-in-One solar power street lights, All-in-Two solar power street lights, Split Solar Power Street Lights, and Solar Garden Lights...



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